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Thriving With 8 is a professional development podcast for the BEST job in the world- MOTHERHOOD!

This podcast was inspired with the hopes of supporting moms with the many hats they wear by helping them THRIVE. Thriving is all about progression, not perfection!

The podcast episodes cover a variety of topics to help moms (and consequently kids and families) thrive such as media safety, gratitude, teaching your kids to serve, and emotional health. 

I hope you will remember that you are not alone in this profession of motherhood! You have many "co-workers" (other moms, including me), a "team" (your family), and a "boss" (Heavenly Father) who love you and want you to succeed! 

Keep on Thriving!!


Visit for more resources and to sign up for our Thriving in the Profession of Motherhood Workshops.